Grand PONGAL Celebration: A host of harvest festival imbued with a spirit of unity and joy

The AVMC campus witnessed a spectacular grand Pongal celebration on 12th January 2024, marked by vibrant festivities and cultural fervor. This annual event brought together students, faculty, and staff to celebrate the harvest festival in a spirit of unity and joy.

The celebration aimed to foster a sense of community and cultural pride within the AVMC campus. It provided an opportunity for students, faculty, and staff to come together, celebrate diversity, and appreciate the cultural significance of Pongal. Additionally, the event served as a platform for cultural exchange and understanding among the diverse AVMC community.

This fabulous event was organised by the Tamil Mandram of AVMC  & the day’s schedule was filled with a range of events and activities, creating a memorable experience for everyone involved.

The celebration commenced with traditional Pongal cooking, where students and staff participated in preparing the traditional sweet dish in large pots outdoors. The aroma of freshly cooked Pongal wafted through the air, creating a festive atmosphere.

Cultural performances took center stage, showcasing the rich heritage of Tamil culture. Dance performances and music added color and vibrancy to the celebration, reflecting the cultural mosaic of the institution.

The festive occasion of Pongal is not complete without some fun and competitive games. The participants enjoyed a variety of games, such as Tug of War, Uriadithal, Slow cycle racing, Breaking of Sugarcane, Rangoli making, Pattimandram etc., that tested their strength and skills. The Bullock cart ride added a delightful Pongal vibe that adorned the campus grounds, adding to the festive ambiance.

The event, marked by traditional rituals, performances, and engaging activities, not only forged lasting memories but also enhanced the bond within the AVMC community.