Camu Lms

  • CAMU is a  software service that enables institutions to go digital with the administration and classroom processes, with staff using mobile apps to perform daily activities.
  • It offers a unique combination of features addressing the needs of educational institutions.
  1. Encompasses the processes prescribed for NAAC, NBA and MQA
  2. Outcome-based education
  3. CDIO (Conceive, Design, Implement and Operate)
  4. Bloom’s taxonomy—based assessments
  5. Fully flexible choice—based credit system
  6. Controller of examinations supporting multiple regulations of the university.
  7. Mobile first design
  8. Key performance indicators available real time on mobile apps
  9. Cloud solution accessible anywhere, anytime
  10. Multi-campus enabled — manage all campuses at the same time
  • Along with a solution for academics, CAMU offers other services required to run an educational organisation; like enquiries, admissions (online too), academic planning, attendance, syllabus plans, clinical postings, examination and results, online assessments, staff record, student record, health record, student activities, billing and revenue, co-curricular activities and many more.
  • CAMU is offered both as a mobile app and also as a web application that can be used on desktop computers.

       Impact of CAMU in the Education Space

  • Staff perform the classroom activities on mobile apps; e.g. attendance, homework, exam mark entry, notes of lessons, curriculum design and delivery, syllabus plan + full administration.
  • NO DATA ENTRY for staff. Just touch and use the app on mobile apps
  • A single dashboard presents to the Principal the entire status of all classroom activities – one snapshot of the complete status