Emergency Medicine

Aarupadai Medical College and Hospital has a strong emergency medical service (EMS), which is first and foremost dedicated to patient care. We have played a significant role in all phases of disaster management—preparedness, response and recovery.

In our emergency department, we receive patients after road traffic accidents, poly-trauma, poisoning, heatstroke, myocardial infarction, all respiratory infections, burns, cerebrovascular accidents etc. We receive patients who need medical, surgical and paediatric emergency treatment. Our emergency is fully equipped to treat all the cases and it is attached to an intensive care unit which is managed by emergency physicians, who are available round the clock to monitor and treat the critically ill patients admitted to our college. All investigations are performed free of cost. {CT SCANS, MRI, FAST, USG scan}

We have faculty with over 10 years of pioneer experience in the field of emergency and critical care units. 

We have Advance Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) ambulance services with a mechanical ventilator, multi-para monitors, syringe pump, etc. We provide free ambulance services to poor patients and provide free first aid to all patients who come into the emergency.

We perform different roles and engage in activities such as training and education for the staff, undergraduates, postgraduates, nurses and students. Our department has BLS/ACLS providers who are skilled in dealing with cardiac cases and resuscitation. Most recently, post-COVID BLS/ACLS training as per American Heart Foundation has been implemented. We conduct training sessions for mass road traffic accidents and fire drill training programmes and evaluation of response so that improvements can be made to the existing protocol. We follow standard protocol as per international standards for treatment to all patients.

We were at the frontline during the COVID-19 disaster pandemic, screening and performing diagnostic scans. We provided free vaccination for all the doctors, students and staff. We also conducted a mass vaccination camp for the general public


  • Vision : To provide unparalleled acute care to all patients with high quality, cost effective treatment to minimize morbidity and mortality. We also focus on high quality education and research activity in our department which also helps in patient care 
  • Mission : The Department of Emergency Medicine is dedicated in improving outcomes of acutely ill and injured patients through high quality, cost effective care, education and research. Emergency Medicine has an unique position in healthcare system – We provide care for all with acute illness, injury or unmet needs beginning in the field, emergency department and in specialty care units that include medical emergencies, surgical emergencies, toxicology, trauma care, acute resuscitation etc. We are a gateway to all the health care system and provide the time-sensitive care that impacts on outcomes. Majority of all admissions to AVMC hospitals receive their first care in the Emergency Department. 
  • Our faculties and few staff were trained in Advanced cardiac life support, Advanced trauma life support, Jeeva Raksha life support and Emergency point of care ultrasound.

Facilites Available

  • 24 hrs ambulance services
  • 24 hrs ICU Care
  • 24 hrs trauma care
  • Management of various poisoning
  • 24 hrs Ventilatory Care
  • POCUS – Point of care Ultra sound facilities
  • Treatment of acute stroke
  • Treatment of acute myocardial infarction