Department Of Obstetrics
& Gynaecology

The Department is a centre for excellence and innovation in the field of obstetrics and gynaecology, including skill-based competency development for the undergraduate and postgraduate students and providing preventive and up to date therapeutic services to patients. 

The obstetric division is well equipped with modern foetal surveillance for high-risk pregnancies and critical care facilities to ensure maternal and foetal well-being. The gynaecology division has up to date modern evidence-based care which includes all endoscopic surgeries and infertility treatment facilities.

The faculty of the department are actively involved in providing innovative methods of teaching and learning for undergraduates and postgraduates. There are many ongoing research projects, intramural and ICMR, in the department.

Sl.noTitle Brief of practices Outcome Year of starting 
1Screening for Gynecological Malignancies Women belonging to areas around AVMCH are screened for carcinoma cervix by pap smear and Transvaginal sonography for detection of gynaecology pathology Premalignant  lesions of the cervix are detected in early stages2021
2Obs & Gyn – Question of the day for students Rare and unique topics are chosen and questions related to the same are posted on the notice board with pictures and PGs are required to answer the same. PGs are motivated to learn better2019
  • Annai Annapoorni Scheme: Ensures that antenatal mothers who deliver in our hospital are given monetary support initially after delivery and later when they come for immunization of their babies.
  • Social baby showers for our antenatal mothers give them confidence and they feel our Department is like their family.
  • Able to deliver free service for poor patients among the rural population in and around AVMC&H.