Department Of

Our department was established with a vision to provide holistic eye care services and impart effective training and quality medical education to students. Our mission is to facilitate learning, provide eye care with empathy and create an environment where all stakeholders grow together. Our department offers services in the field of academics, research and patient care. We train 150 Medical students, BSc. Optometry students, and physician assistants every year. The department offers students training in Ophthalmology utilizing the latest technical assistance. All faculty members are provided with computers and the offices have internet connections. Students learn from clinical cases of common eye diseases, with relevant pictures and videos being shown to them during regular small group discussions. The faculty meets all the requirements of undergraduate teaching and learning. The department houses a museum and a library that have adequate space and books for students to refer to and learn.

Academic Profile

The Department of Ophthalmology offers the UG Courses of M.B.B.S, B.Sc. Optometry and other allied health science courses like physician assistant.

  • Patients feedback form -To assess patient care services in the department.
  • Students committee for phase III MBBS students.
  • Taking care of the vision needs of disabled children who attend special schools in Puducherry.
  • Periodic public awareness programmes like Eye donation awareness, Glaucoma awareness, Diabetic retinopathy awareness, conducted for community wellbeing.