Infrastructure For
Teaching Learning

Infrastructure For Teaching Learning

Infrastructure For Teaching Learning:

The institution is adequately equipped with ICT enabled facilities.  Faculty uses various ICT tools like Desktops, Laptops connected with LCD projectors for PPT and Video Demonstrations.  All Demonstration rooms are fully equipped with projectors for active learning during seminars, journal clubs and case discussions.  Smart boards enabled demo rooms are available for effective teaching.  Periodic workshops on ICT enabled teaching facilities for faculties, e.g. Smart Board Teaching.  Data collection by students and CRRI’s for projects and surveys are done through EPI INFO software, which is installed in the tabs provided to them.  SPSS Statistical software (free version) is available for statistical analysis.  Research Methodology is conducted using SPSS software for students.  The Central Library has been equipped with books, journals , e-books and e-journals.  Faculties can access research journals through a proxy server on the campus.