Student Council

Student Council

The Council in a nutshell

The student council of AVMCH serves as a bridge connecting the learning and teaching roads. It serves as a robust platform for students to express their views to the teaching fraternity and the management stakeholders. Students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills and to help organize, plan, and participate in the academic and extra-curricular events of the institution. 


  1. General Secretary
  2. Co-General Secretary
  3. Cultural Secretary
  4. Joint-Cultural Secretary
  5. Finance Secretary
  6. Co- Finance Secretary
  7. Editorial Secretary
  8. Co-Editorial Secretary
  9. Literary Secretary
  10. Joint-Literary Secretary
  11. Sports Secretary
  12. Joint-Sports Secretary
  13. Members

Co-ordination with faculty

The student council as an independent student forum coordinates their activities and their agendas via the Student Council Faculty Advisory Board comprising of:

  1. Vice Principal-Student affairs –Dr. D. Arunachalam
  2. Vice Principal- Academic and Administration-Dr .T. Rajan
  3. Student Council Advisor- Dr. Arun Daniel. J
  4. Members


  • Work meticulously with the management, teachers and students.
  • Screen student opinions and involve them in college events.
  • Represent students’ views to the college management.
  • Improve communication skills through language guidance and community support
  • Support curricular development and student academic progress by representing academic needs.
  • Help guide and build rapport with the newly joined batch of students
  • Participate in planning and executing cultural/sports activities within/ outside the institution. 
  • Support student/ philanthropic events by fundraising through proper financial governance.
  • Coordinate with student councils in other colleges in the country.