Department Of

Establishment and Growth

The department of Orthopaedics started in the year 2001, is a dynamic department with about 4 faculty members and adequate paramedical and secretarial staff functioning at the Aarupadai Veedu Medical College & Hospital. We, in the Department of Orthopaedics, are actively involved in keeping our patients active be it the infant with a deformity or the geriatric with a broken hip. We provide comprehensive solutions to all Orthopaedic problems under one roof.

Our duty teams are available round the clock to treat all kinds of Orthopaedic emergencies. We offer standard Orthopaedic procedures like reduction and fixation of long bones fractures, hemiarthroplasty, discectomy for intervertebral disc prolapse repair of tendon injuries, peripheral nerve injuries and decompression of nerve entrapment at very affordable prices.

We perform specialized advanced Orthopaedic procedures like arthroscopic repair, reconstruction and joint release as well as total joint replacements and spinal stabilization.

Surgeries for correction of deformities are planned to be minimally invasive.


Treatment care focused on fracture personality

Employing skilled professionals for multidisciplinary care and physiotherapy for early functional rehabilitation and the result of which are improved patient outcome and patient satisfaction.

Infection control audit

Preoperative patient status, antibiotic prophylaxis, type and duration of procedure and quality of implant used are reviewed and regular culture swab sent from OT. Outcome of which is decreased incidence of postoperative infection.

3D CT Planning

For intra-articular and complex fractures 3D CT of the bones are done preoperatively. The outcome is minimal invasive approach and indirect reduction of fracture fragments using distracter with anatomically precontoured plates for fixation resulting in early mobilization of patient and functional recovery. 

Institutional Social responsibility 

BMD screening for Geriatric persons in health camps in local area and distribution of calcium supplements for required patients.  As a result of this we find improved bone health and physical activity with reduced incidence of fragility fractures in local population during our camps. 


We provide comprehensive care under one roof for all patients in the various subspecialties.