Patients Rights
And Responsibilities

  • Equal care regardless of age, ethnicity, religion, age, culture, language, physical and mental disability, sex, gender identity or expression. 
  • Quality care by skilled doctors and staff in safe environment.
  • To be informed if something goes wrong in the care.
  • To have access to protective and advocacy services.
  • Be informed of current health status of the patient.
  • To be informed of care outcomes, treatment and services in the current need and future decisions.
  • Hospital to provide interpreting cost-free services.
  • To review the chart at any time with the caregiver during the time of admission.
  • To request for detailed bill description during discharge.
  • To treat with respect and dignity in setting positive self-image.
  • Personal privacy.
  • To protect and respect during any research activities.
  • Refuse to tap, films, or other images apart for the purpose of caring and serving.