Mentor Mentee Program

mentor mentee

AVMC&H MMP (mentor mentee programme) is “to ensure student welfare and better performance in academics, active participation in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities through mutual support, and an amiable learning environment”.

It also identifies “Students Who Require Additional Support” (previously called slow learners), as well as the advanced learners to encourage and enrich them in curricular and co-curricular activities.


Pillars of MMP:

The foundation of Mentor Mentee relationship is based on four pillars i.e.,

  • Trust
  • Respect
  • Reverence of Excellence 
  • Gratitude



The Goal of MMP is 

Connect 🡺 Motivate 🡺 Achieve


MMP – Areas of Review 
  • Attendance 
  • Academic Matters
  • Basic Etiquette
  • Behaviour
  • Discipline
  • Health 
  • Talents / Achievements


MMP – Design & Committee

The students have been assigned to the mentors during the complete course of study with a maximum number of 15 students(mentee) as per a mentor. 

The new MMP committee has been framed by our  respected DEAN with twenty (20) committee members, including Co-chairman, Chief Coordinator, Phase Coordinators and Department Coordinators, at various levels.


MMP Stages and Activities:  

The MMP programme have been commence on September 1st of every year. 

MMP meeting with Committee Members:

The meeting have been conducted once in two months on the second Wednesday of the year between 02.00 PM and 03.00 PM (6 times per year).

MMP Meeting with Students:

The meeting with the students have been conducted once in three months (ie) on January, April, July and October month of every year on the fourth Friday  of the year between 03.00 PM and 04.00 PM.   This has been a fixed timing for the meetings and it  would be included in all Teaching Schedules (4 times per year). 

MMP Meeting with Parents:

Parent Teacher Meeting (PTM) have been conducted once in six months  (ie) on December and June months of every year,  either offline or online mode (2 times per year). 

A novel and new log book have been prepared for the MMP; It would be maintained from first Year to Final Year MBBS with complete details of all areas of review. (Phase – I to Phase – IV)

In the log book, responsibilities of every committee member, Mentor and Mentee and the SOP for slow and advanced learners is also clearly mentioned.

The official e–mail ID for MMP shall be ([email protected]). 

Slow and Advanced learners were been identified and the advanced learners have been appreciated for their extra-ordinary performance. 

Thus, our MMP committee ensures to bring new heights of achievement in our students’ performance with the mantra of “TEAMWORK NEVER FAILS”.

To conclude, our AVMC&H, MMP committee is an ideal and novel BRIDGE between students and faculties, who relieves the student’s fear & hesitation to approach the faculty for any queries. 

MMP Committee 
AVMC, Puducherry