Obstetrics & Gynaecology

This department is established to provide basic obstetrics and gynaecology care with excel of teaching, training, research and innovation.  Our experts are well experienced and trained in ultrasonography, hysterolaproscopy and reproductive medicine. We have the pride as one of the centre with advanced endoscopic facilities and centre recognized for PPIUCD training. We provide well cared infrastructure for pregnant women with high risk in pregnancy for both in and out patient. We have facilities of Ultrasonography, and coloposcopy to screen cervical cancer for outpatients and also provide minor OT to carry out on an OPD basis. This department has 2 labour wards clean and healthy.  The department has 3 OTs with 1 OT for carrying out basic and advanced hysterolaparoscoic surgeries. The Andrology lab is well maintained to carry out semen analysis, IUI procedures with experienced clinical embroyologist.