Department Of

The Department of dentistry in Aarupadai Veedu Medical College &Hospital, Puducherry was established in the year 1999. Area of Sq.ft 1270 which includes HOD room, Patient waiting area, OP consultation room, Patient recovery and treatment room. 

Regarding patient care, we have time in – time out practice for all patients. This ensures patients doesn’t have to wait for long time.

Services offered in our department like all type of extraction including pediatric. Endodontic procedures like Restoration & Root canal treatment, periodontal procedures like ultrasonic general scaling & subgingival scaling. We have been involved in school health camps, Public camps & Adopted village camps on regular basis for whom, oral screening was done to evaluate any precancerous lesion, condition&Malignancy in chronic tobacco chewing patients. We are also giving tobacco cessation sessions for those patients and if they needed any speciality treatment were referred to AVMC&H and treatment were done at free of cost with free medicines under chief minister scheme  or any other schemes for major surgeries  and also advice the patient for regular follow up.

The department offer clinical observations for the students regarding important dental procedures and knowledge of cyst and tumors of the oral cavity and able to differentiate them and also suturing technique. Department offers surgery PGs, to observe and giving training to do some surgical procedures under both LA and GA in OT and department. Faculty members are provided with computer and internet connection. There are normal and clinically relevant Radiographs and CT scans for regular small group discussions with students. 

The facilities meet all the requirements of undergraduate teaching and learning. Air-conditioned treatment room for patient care. The department provides high quality treatment. And also free oral cancer screening program is going on every week of Thursday and educating awareness regarding oral cancer to the patients.

Academic Profile

UG students attending clinical postings and also we are offering General surgery pg students to assess the minor & Major surgical procedures in department and OT.

  • Conducting Tobacco cessation awareness & oral cancer screening in department and rural camps.
  • Many patients got benefited from this awareness counselling & quit the habit.
Time in – Timeout maintenance  in Op Register Many pts have to wait for a long period to get appointment, but we have time in – time out for all patients.  This ensures patients don’t have to wait for a long time. Quick, Easy and Fast treatment  The mantra in our department  Many patients got benefited and were satisfied.