The NMC (erstwhile Medical Council of India) as per the MCI Regulations on Graduate Medical Education, 1997, had made it mandatory for all the medical colleges in the country to establish Medical Education Units (MEUs) in order to enable faculty members to update themselves in modern teaching methodology and educational technology for carrying out the UG /PG teaching effectively. Keeping these directives of NMC/MCI in mind, a MEU was established in AVMC&H in the year 2004. The MEU of AVMC is quite vibrant with academic and educational activities round the year with highly experienced and qualified medical educationists viz., Prof .P.F. Kotur, Dean, as the Chairman of MEU, Prof. V.N. MAHALAKSHMI, Professor Paediatric Surgery as Convener, Prof. B. Vishnu Bhat, Director Medical Research as mentor, Prof. K.R. Sethuraman a Pioneer in Medical Education in the country as visiting faculty and Prof. B.R. Asokan, HOD, Pharmacology, as the Coordinator with 15 Core MEU Faculty members many of them have completed ACME-MCI and NTTC-JIPMER courses. The MEU of AVMC&H comes under purview of the MCI Regional Centre, NTTC, JIPMER, Puducherry and the Nodal Centre at SHRIHER, Porur, Chennai. The unit is committed to capacity building in medical education by conducting faculty development programs such as MCI Revised Basic Course Workshop (RBCW) in Medical Education Technologies NMC’s Curriculum Implementation Support Program (CISP) and other focussed Basics in MET programs.

MEU of AVMC boasts of a state of art infrastructure and logistics viz., Fully air conditioned and furnished Conference/ Seminar Hall with demo rooms for breakout activities. SMART board, LCD projector, AV Aids, document camera and Video conferencing facilities with internet connectivity and high speed Wi-Fi accessibility and uninterrupted power backup. AVMC MEU has a well-stuffed library with over 142 books and Journals. A thematic, MEU wall museum displays important concepts/ strategies in medical education.

In addition, to carrying out the capacity building activities for the faculty members of AVMC, in MET including medical Educational research, round the year, the MEU core members are also invited by the other institutions as resource persons for conducting various FDPs elsewhere. The faculty members are also sponsored to undergo ACME courses at Nodal Centres of NMC, Certification courses in Simulation, Communication skills, Courses for training of standardised patients, etc in other centres of excellence. They are also encouraged to attend national and international conferences in ME.

AVMC MEU has its own ‘Annual Calendar of Events’ to host/conduct the routine programmes such as Interns Orientation Programme and Training Program, Postgraduate Orientation Programme (for first year postgraduate students) and Foundation Course for first year MBBS students. Introduction to Medical Education Technology, Microteaching, and Training on Teaching Clinical/ Practical skills and Gurudhakshatha – the Faculty Induction Program series are some of the other workshops and training programs organised by the MEU. The MEU facilitates the transition, implementation and monitoring of the new CBME curriculum of NMC for UGs and PGs.

AVMC MEU also provides support and guidance to faculty development programs organised by the School of Allied Health Sciences, School of Physiotherapy and the College of Nursing located in the campus. The MEU works in close association with Clinical Skills Lab in carrying out the Hands on Training Clinical Skill Training workshops/activities for the staff and students.


  • Conduct professional development programmes to sensitize faculty about newer concepts in medical education and develop knowledge and skills required by them to perform their varied roles as competent and effective teachers, researchers and mentors.
  • Recommend educational policies and provide solutions to improve the standard of teaching – learning – evaluation and student support services.
  • Support implementation of the new CBME curriculum for UG/ PG education.
  • Update knowledge of faculty and students in using modern information technology tools
  • Assist students to acquire competency in communication and behavioural skills including professionalism.
  • Support research in medical education.
  • Document activities to facilitate accreditation process.

Educational & Training Programmes in Medical Education Unit

  • NMC Basic Course Workshop in Medical Education Technologies
  • NMC Curriculum Implementation Support Programme (CISP).
  • Foundation Course for first year and Second MBBS
  • Pandemic and AETCOM modules
  • Interns Orientation Program
  • Postgraduate Orientation programme
  • Faculty Induction Program
  • Short faculty development workshops
  • Curriculum Development Programmes
  • Continuing Medical Education Activities

List of MEU – Activities in the last 5 years

MEU Activities for Faculty Workshop

  • Overview of Media and Methods in Medical education, 12, 13th April 2017
  • Mentorship, 13, 14th Dec 2017
  • Mentorship, 18, 19th June 2018
  • TL Methods, 01, 02nd Aug 2018
  • Assessment Tools in Medical Education, 13, 14th Dec 2018
  •  Microteaching, 01st April 2019
  • CISP (Curriculum Implementation Support Program), 20 to 22nd May 2019
  • Introduction to Medical Education Technology, 12, 13th Dec 2019
  • Teaching Clinical / Practical Skills, 31 jan & 01st Feb 2020
  • Revised Basic Course Workshop, 11 to 13 March 2020
  • CISP (Curriculum Implementation Support Program) – II, 10, 11th Nov 2020
  • Revised Basic Course Workshop – II, 30th , 31st March & 01st April 2021


  • Making good PPT Presentations-Tips &Tricks., 11 Feb 2019
  • Translate CBME into Class room/Clinical Practice, 01 to 08th Feb 2019
  • Domains of Competence &Taxonomy, 21st Feb 2019
  • How to make your Lecture more interesting?, 19th March 2019
  • How to teach AETCOM Module, 22nd  March 2019
  • How to conduct effective FDP?, 23rd March 2019
  • The Choice of appropriate T-L & Assessment Methods to achieve the outcomes of MBBS – 2018 Curriculum, 02nd May 2019
  • How to develop an effective lesson plan, 03rd May 2019

CBME for PG Studies, 15th July 2019

  • FDP on “Pedagogic Effectiveness ”, 03, 04th  Oct 2019
  • E-Learning, 30 March & 03, 29 April 2020
  • E-Content Creation for LMS, 19, 20th March 2020 & 13th May 2020
  • Introduction to Principles and Practice of Evidence Based Medicine (EBM), 23rd May 2020
  • MEU FDP on Online Assessment, 03 June 2020
  • Online FDP on Question Paper Setting, 16th ,18th & 20th June 2020
  • FDP on CBME – PG Studies, 17th to 20th Aug 2020
  • Introduction to Medical Education Technology, 12th  to 15th Oct 2020
  • Teaching Clinical / Practical Skills & Effective use of Skills Lab, 08th, 10th & 12th Aug 2021

MEU Activities for Post-Graduate students

  • Workshop on Research Methodology, 02nd to 04th Sept 2015
  • Workshop on Research Methodology, 30th, 31st Aug 2016
  • Induction & Orientation Programme for I year PGs, 25th to 27th June 2019
  • Induction & Orientation Program for 1 Year PGs – Part I, 12th Aug 2020
  •  Induction & Orientation Program for 1 Year PGs – Part II, 05th to 07th Oct 2020

MEU Activities for Interns & students

  • Essential Skills for CRRIs, 03rd to 05th April 2019
  • Interns Orientation & Training – Part I, 30th Sept 2019
  • Interns Orientation & Training – Part II, 29th to 31st Oct 2019
  • AETCOM Module
  • Foundation Course – I MBBS

List of MEU – Activities in the last 5 years


Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean


Dr. V.N. Mahalakshmi, Dean-HPE


Dr. B.R. Asokan, Professor & HOD, Dept of Pharmacology

Core Faculty

Dr. Vishnu Bhat, Director-Medical Research 

Dr. K. Jayasingh, Medical Superintendent 

Dr. Pushpa Kotur, Professor., Dept of OG

Dr.Sasmita Mishra, Professor & HOD, Dept of Biochemistry

Dr. R. Latha, Professor & HOD, Dept of Microbiology

Dr. Manju .M, Professor, Dept of Biochemistry

Dr. J. Govardhan, Professor, Dept of Skin & STD

Dr. K .P. Umadevi, Associate Professor, Dept of Pathology

Dr. A. Thumjaa, Professor, Dept of Paediatrics

Dr. S. Ilankathir, Professor, Dept of Anatomy

Dr. Gopinath .M, Associate Professor, Dept of Physiology

Dr. J. James Rajesh, Associate Professor, Dept of Forensic Medicine 

Dr. Arun Daniel, Associate Professor, Dept of Community Medicine 

Dr. A. Arthy, Assistant Professor, Dept of Forensic Medicine