Clinical Key Student


As medical information rapidly multiples and clinical practice become increasingly complex, the need for incorporating artificial intelligence in medical education becomes a matter of prime importance. ClinicalKey Student is an Interactive Learning and Performance Management System introduced by Elsevier. It facilitates students to manage the medical knowledge to be gathered; apply gathered knowledge in solving clinical problems; and be aware of their progress.

ClinicalKey Student enhances learning experiences with tools tailored to expand and test the medical knowledge of students. Students can have remote access to a wide range of books with in-depth content. The search engine gives access to chapters in books, images, and videos. Features such as bookshelves, notes, highlights, and flashcards make medical reading and recalling a delight. Faculties can also use these features to prepare for interactive classes.

Assessment in ClinicalKey Student can be self-driven or assigned by faculties. The assessment tool covers a wide range of topics in each subject. During the assessment, along with testing the knowledge, the student’s level of confidence is also evaluated, and the tool provides the facility to repeat the test for only the wrong answers or even the complete questionnaire. Assigned assessment helps faculties understand where the students are struggling. Thus, the targeted feedback given by the assessment tool helps students and faculty navigate towards the topic that requires focus.

To summarize, ClinicalKey Student is a valuable resource hub that provides medical faculties and students enhanced learning and assessment experience in any phase of their education.