Student Counselling

Student Counselling
  • Counselling service is being done by Mrs. S. Rama.  
  • The main aim of this service is to guide the students to resolve their academic, personal, emotional, and social life challenges on their own.
  • Students approach the counselling centre at AVMC either by themselves or through the referral of the HOIs, HODs or faculty members as and when needed.
  • Individual and parental counselling is provided based on the need.
  • Group counselling is done to address common challenges faced by many students, ranging from adaptation to the environment, academic improvement, to behavioural issues.
  • NLP- and Gestalt-based therapies are used by the student counsellor to help the students overcome their distress.
  • The main objective of Student Counselling Service is to help the students stay focused on their academic achievement and bring out their best at the time of completing their course at AVMC.
  • The ultimate goal of Student Counselling Service is to help the students become self-reliant and capable of facing any foreseen or unforeseen challenges throughout their life.

Helpline — +91 9894268136

Mail ID: [email protected]