Tele Consultation

During the COVID pandemic, the Tele Consultation App of AVMC was inaugurated by the honourable Chief Minister, Mr Narayansamy on 15.08.2020, for the benefit of the public during the lockdown. Through the Teleconsultation services, online consultation was given for patients by senior consultants from various specialities. The public is benefited by the Teleconsultation service. The Teleconsultation App also connects the satellite centres of remote areas with the consultants in the hospital, so that people who do not have internet access can consult through the satellite centres of our hospital. 

Whatsapp, a user-friendly app is also used for Teleconsultation services with a nodal officer, who in turn will connect to the concerned specialist.  

The consultants involved in Tele consultant services are: 

General Medicine – Dr.K.Sankar, Professor, Department of General Medicine 

General Surgery – Dr Mathivanan, Prof & HOD, Department of General Surgery 

Obs & Gyn – Dr.S.Deepa, Professor, Department of OBG 

Paediatrics – Dr A. Thumja, Department of Paediatrics  

Psychiatry – Dr John Dinesh, Prof & HOD 

Pulmonary Medicine – Dr Mathanraj, Prof, Pulmonary Medicine