We the department of ENT at AVMC are established to treat the ailing and the sick.  We treat patients with ear, nose and throat along with head and Neck Cancer, Sleep Apnea etc with surgical specialty department with well trained and dedicated specialist. We run OPDs everyday to treat people with good quality medical care at affordable prices in and around the state. We are always up dated to the modern diagnostic aids and surgical methods. We inter collaborate with other departments like General Medicine and Surgery, Paediatrics, Neurology, Radiology, pathology, Psychiatry, Oral / maxillofacial surgery and speech and hearing Department for specialty clinics. We run specialty clinics with multidisciplinary clinic to treat Pediatrics’, geriatric and neurological patients and give them all inclusive care and treatment for their requirements. Our experts do surgeries like CSF repair, Pituitary gland, glomus tumour surgery etc. in coordinating with Neurosurgery Department. The highlighted treatment includes Cochlear implantation for the deaf with rigorous auditory Verbal therapy is done in association with AVMC hospital of speech and hearing which helps the child who is oblivious to the world of sound. As a part of community outreach our department conducted head and neck cancer detection camps, deafness detection camps and do regular school health check up programs.  We create awareness on the hazards of smoking and alcohol which help us to detect and prevent the diseases and help the patients in reducing the burden on the health care system.

Consultation Timings (Unit wise)

  • Monday- Headache
  • Tuesday- Allergy
  • Wednesday-Deafness
  • Thursday- Vertigo
  • Friday – Head and Neck Cancer
  • Saturday- Voice Clinic