Cultural Harmony

Celebrations in AVMC&H

Celebration is a day to rejuvenate life. As a curriculum, we have celebrations on National and Cultural days. We ensure we respect the culture of every celebration.  As a part of National days celebrations, we create awareness also based on the days’ celebration.  We conduct Marathan, Walakathan, Cyclathan and bike rallies to create awareness on World Population Day, Drugs day, world environment day, breastfeeding day and so on.  We conduct elocution, debate, essay competitions on National Holiday like Republic day, Independence day, Gandhi Jayanthi, Teacher’s day, etc. We celebrate the soul culture of India’s religious practice to say we are united by celebrating New year, Pongal, Holi, Onam, Diwali, and Christmas. Not only the days of celebrations are celebrations being in AVMC&H is also considered to be a celebration.