Central Sterile
Supply Department

Sterilization and disinfection are crucial to prevent cross-infection in patients, which can arise from contact with infected skin, equipment, and hospital surface. Sterilization is defined as a procedure by which an article, surface, or medium is divested of all kinds of microorganisms, including spores.


  • We provide supplies of instruments, linen packs, basins, and other sterile items used in patient care.
  • We maintain a record of the effectiveness of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization.

Pro controls cess.

  • We monitor and ensure necessary controls to prevent cross-infection according to infection control policy.
  • We maintain supplies and equipment inventory.
  • Furthermore, we stay updated with developments within the field.


  • We take inputs from all surgical departments and well as the heads of other departments and the nursing staff.
  • We involve the laundry manager, material manager, and hospital administrator in planning.
  • Our CSSD designs are well integrated within the OT having ample space.
  • The department is centrally located in the A Block, which is well-connected with the major departments to facilitate an easy supply of materials.
  • It has easy access to the stores from where it gets relevant material, and also to the laundry, for a supply of clean linen.
  • Used and sterile goods are placed in separate corridors/dumb waiters.


  • Linen, instruments, syringes and needles from various departments of the hospital are brought packed in bins to the C.S.S.D.
  • Details are entered in the autoclave register.
  • The bins are put into the autoclave for sterilization after affixing strip indicators on the bins.
  • After sterilization, the bins are checked for the process on the indicator.
  • The bins are taken out and dispatched to the various departments, from which they came. 
  • Traceability of bins is ensured through the identification tag mentioning the department/ward etc.