Hostel and Residential

Hostel and Residential Facilities

Hostel and Residential Facilities

AVMC is a Wi-Fi enabled campus. There are hostels for the students and residential quarters for faculty within the campus. The residential facility for the staff nurses is in the annexe building, not very far from the main campus. The students’ hostels come with single, double and triple occupancies. There is a separate hostel with AC rooms which are offered on extra payment. There is an in-house laundry facility that provides services at nominal rates.

Canteen and Dining Facilities

AVMC campus has a very good mess facility that caters to the nutritional needs of the students. It offers both north and south Indian food prepared in a most hygienic kitchen by trained chefs. The menu is prepared taking into consideration, the preferences of the students.  

Apart from the regular mess, there is a food court—a vibrant, hot spot where students can satiate themselves with their extra and beyond mess hours food cravings.

Grooming Facilities

There is an excellent in-house spa for girls and gym facilities for both boys and girls, which are equipped with treadmills, weights etc. 

Apart from these facilities, there are bicycles that the students can use to move around within the 40-acre campus.

Bank and Temple

For the convenience of the students and the public as well, Axis Bank has an ATM at the main gate. Keeping in mind the religious faith and practices of the students, staff, and patients, the college has a temple at the entrance to the campus. Everybody’s favourite and the most adorable deity — Lord Ganesha — is housed at the main gate as well as in the college complex.

Recreation Facilities

There are various recreation facilities for students, both indoor and outdoor; namely, basketball, cricket, volleyball, football, tennis,  table tennis and badminton. AVMC also has a music band that performs at various intra- and inter-college events.

General Stores

There is a general store located within the campus that caters to all the students and staff living on the campus. This store stocks groceries, vegetables, fruits, and stationery. The products are of good quality and sold at reasonable rates and a proper invent fruits, maintained. It is in fact a one-stop shop for all your needs. The store also sells various medical student-specific items like dissection sets, stethoscopes, knee hammers, torch etc.

Indoor game facilities: Table tennis board size = 1.525 m × 2.74 m. Badminton court size = 6.10 m × 13.40 m 

Gymnasium facilities: Gymnasium area of 700 sq. ft, adequately equipped with facilities such as multigym set, multi-leg exercise, multi-home gym, treadmill, vibrator machine, bench press, different weights of dumbbells, different categories of rods and rubber, steel plates.  

Water purifying plant: Every day, around 22,000 litres of RO purified water is supplied for drinking and the dialysis unit. Totally, four RO plants with a total capacity of 3750 LPH and 18 water dispensers are placed all around the campus. TDS of the water is checked regularly, and the pre-filters and chemical membrane treatment are done on a regular basis as per SOP.

Saloon and spa: A separate dedicated salon with spa is located in the ladies hostel for the use of the female students and faculties at a low cost with the best service.