Cultural Plurality


India’s cultural pluralism is a symbol of India’s national identity. An amazing cultural diversity is observed throughout the length and breadth of the country. The north, south, east, northeast, and west have their own distinct cultures and almost every state has carved its own cultural niche. This cultural richness is unparalleled in the world.

India is a land of diversities, where people of different faiths live in harmony.

This harmony is seen in the celebration of festivals. The message of love and brotherhood is expressed by all the religions and cultures of India. Whether it’s the gathering of the faithful, bowing in prayer in the courtyard of a mosque, or the gathering of lamps that light up houses at Diwali, the good cheer of Christmas or the brotherhood of Baisakhi, the religions of India are celebrations of shared emotion that bring people together. People from the different religions and cultures of India unite in a common chord of brotherhood and amity in this fascinating and diverse land.

AVMC represents Mini India, where students are more diverse than ever. They represent different ethnicities, cultures and speak different languages. At AVMC we build unity in diversity and protect all identities as it is already ingrained in our ethos and public discourse. AVMC offers a unique way of seeing Indian culture at its best. Students at AVMC, irrespective of their faith, come together and celebrate Pongal, Holi, Onam, Diwali, Eid and Christmas.  This not only helps our students preserve their ethnic and cultural beliefs, but also nourishes and strengthens the AVMC family beliefs.