Department Of

We the department of psychiatry provides Teaching Learning training for both undergraduate and postgraduate under the guidelines of MCI. We provide services for both out and in patients in and around Puducherry. This department has 30 beds with well-specialized equipments like ECT, EEG, and Biofeedback for patient care. This department runs its service all day of the week. We also have an exclusive library as an innovative treatment method as a rehabilitation service for patients in the long stay.

Our department conducts awareness programmes on suicide prevention and mental health awareness to school students, college students, and the public every year. The department has well-trained and well-experienced faculty members, a clinical psychologist and a psychiatric social worker. The department conducts periodic guest lectures, public awareness lectures, and CME programmes on World Suicide Prevention Day and World Mental Health Day every year.

Our department encourages research activities among students and faculty. The department of psychiatry provides career guidance to students and provides emotional and psychological support for the students, staff and faculty. Our department also conducts communication skills workshops for newly joined interns and postgraduate students every year, participates in foundation course training for first-year MBBS students, and also does mental health assessments for all first-year MBBS students. 

The department offers excellent teaching-learning methods to students with video playbacks, problem-based learning, bedside teaching and clinical demonstrations. The department has an exclusive deaddiction ward “Raksha” for substance-dependent patients. The department provides novel outpatient and inpatient treatment for psychotic disorders, mood disorders, anxiety disorders and substance use disorders.

Academic Profile

Department of Psychiatry conducts clinical classes for UG students (MBBS) and offers 15 days mandatory clinical postings for CRRI. We conduct workshops on soft-skill training, including communication skill training, for MBBS students every year. In addition to the above, we offer a PG course in our department (MD Psychiatry). We conduct small group teaching activities like seminars, topic discussions, journal clubs and clinical case presentations for PG students.

Best Practices:

    • Exclusive In-Patient Library (Patient care) – Total of 40 books to benefit patients and caregivers during their hospital stay.
    • Recognition for Patient and Caregivers (Patient care) –BEST CARE GIVER Award  is given to care giver of the patients who has made a real difference in patients with  severe mental illness   and “ Achiever award ”,is given to  patients who have quit substance use with treatment  and maintain sobriety for a year.

Unique Features Of The Department:

    • Electroconvulsive therapy 
    • Neuropsychological assessment with psychometric tools
    • Screening and Assessment of patients with rating scales and questionnaires 
    • SMS reminders for out-patients 
    • Organising Alcoholic Anonymous Group meetings.
    • 24*7 suicide prevention Tele Helpline