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Establishment and Growth

Pharmacology involves the scientific study of medicine and also the description of the drugs. A pharmacologist plays an excellent role in drug discovery and in clinical research. The department offers training in pharmacology and toxicology to undergraduate students, who may subsequently be involved in research, regulatory requirements for conducting clinical trials and administrative careers in academic, industrial and healthcare systems.

Knowledge of pharmacology serves the aim of basic human health care with the assistance of educational charts, models and training in prescription skills. additionally, the department instructs through problem and computer-assisted learning. The toxicity studies on animals and pharmacological screening of assorted drugs is performed by conducting experiments on animals and bioassays on isolated tissues. during this direction, the departmental goal is to organize exceptional students for productive and successful careers within the pharmaceutical industry, academia, research and public sectors. The department has well-equipped labs for both U.G teaching and research, including an animal simulator lab. The department includes a well-furnished demo room with an audiovisual facility and library. 

Thrust Areas: Teaching of the various aspects of Pharmacology including Therapeutics and Toxicology, Experimental Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Alternatives to Animal Experimentation & Clinical Pharmacology.

Research Areas:  Clinical Pharmacology, Immunopharmacology, Pharmacovigilance,  Environmental Pharmacology, Indigenous Drug Research, Trace elements study

Academic Profile

The Department of Pharmacology at Aarupadaiveedu Medical College and  Hospital  educates the MBBS, paramedical (B.Sc Nursing, Bachelor of physiotherapy) and allied health science (B.Sc.,Optometry, B.Sc.,Cardiac Technology, B.Sc.,Perfusion technology, B.Sc.,Renal dialysis, B.Sc.,Anaesthesiatechnology, B.Sc.,OT technology, B.Sc.,Physician  assistant, B.Sc.,Trauma care,,Radiography,  Diploma in OT & anaesthesia) students to apply basic principles of pharmacology and therapeutics in the practice of the rational use of drugs.

  • Computer Assisted Learning for undergraduate studies has been implemented to replace live animal experiments.
  • Pharmacovigilance and adverse drug reaction reporting are being carried out to improve patient safety.
  • Wall magazine ‘Rendezvous in Pharmacology’: Pharmacology related resource material in the form of recent advancements in drug discovery, repurposing of drugs and new ADRs are displayed on this board.
  • The faculty of the department are involved with various pharmaceutical companies in pursuing phase IV clinical trials (Post-marketing surveillance)
  • We have a CPCSEA registered animal house facility to boost the teaching, training and research activities with a full-time veterinarian and technical personnel.
  • All faculty in the department contribute to college governance effectively.