CME - Opportunistic Parasitic Infection

A Milestone Event: IATP’s First CME on Opportunistic Parasitic Infections

On October 12, 2023, the stage was set at the AVMCH Puducherry as the Indian Association of Tropical Parasitology (IATP) along with AVMC organized its first Continuing Medical Education (CME) on “Opportunistic Parasitic Infections.” This significant occasion brought together esteemed experts and budding medical professionals to explore critical facets of tropical parasitology.

The event witnessed insightful speeches and the interaction of budding professionals with eminent speakers and marked a milestone in the medical community of Puducherry. Prof. Subhash Chandra Parija was the chief guest of this CME and delivered the presidential address. To dive deeper into the details and highlights, we invite you to explore our comprehensive event report, which details the essence of the CME, the notable contributions of our esteemed guests, and the enlightening scientific sessions that left a lasting impact.

This IATP’s first CME on Opportunistic Parasitic Infections is an occasion to remember where knowledge, collaboration, and a shared commitment to healthcare were celebrated. It marked a significant step forward in addressing the challenges of parasitic diseases and will inspire further advancements in the field.