Forefront of Future Frontiers

The forefront of future frontiers is a Medical Webinar series, an initiative of the Scientifique Society of AVMC. This was stated with a focus to promote novel therapeutics and potentially integrate them into practice.

Each series focus on a particular area and eminent speakers are invited to share their views among the participants. 

Upcoming Episodes

08th August 2022 : Forefront of Future Frontiers - Series 15 Episode 101

Topic:  Building Quality into Assessments: Goals, Rules & Tools

Speaker: Dr Jyoti. M. Nagamoti
Controller of Examinations, Professor of Microbiology,
J N Medical College, KLE Academy of Higher Education and Research (KAHER). Belagavi, Karnataka.

A Medical Webinar Series

A Medical Webinar Series to Translate Novel Scientific Innovations and integrate them in to Practice

Who should attend?

All Healthcare Professionals including.
• Faculty/ Doctors and Postgraduate residents.
• IMA and other professional societies.
• Nurses
• Allied Health Professionals.

Why should attend?

This program will introduce you to
• cutting-edge technology in medicine.
• novel diagnostics & therapeutics.
• education & training.
• contemporary issues in medical practice.


Series 15 : Trends in Medical Education

Series 14 : Priority areas in Public Health

Series 13 : Beyond Quality Assurance - Towards Quality Management System

Series 12 : Innovations in healthcare education and practice

Series 11 : Harnessing Evidence to support practice

Series 10 : Quality and Safety in Healthcare

Series 9 : Technology enabled healthcare

Series 8 : Emerging and re-emerging infections

Series 7 : cancer cure

Series 6 : Concepts in medical education

Series 5 : Population based approach to health

Series 4 : New research frontiers in healthcare

Series 3 : Response to Covid-19

Series 2 : Impact of Covid in population and healthcare

Series 1