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Course Goal

To enable participants to gain a comprehensive understanding of OSCEs and develop a sound set of skills in design, delivery and quality

Course objectives

At the end of this training program, the participants shall

  • Gain a foundation of knowledge and skills relating to best practices in OSCEs
  • Develop specific OSCE-related skills: Blueprint of an OSCE, case development and development of Evaluation tools
  • Understand practical considerations of OSCE delivery: Designing station and Piloting a station, Examiner training/  calibration; student training
  • Ensure quality assurance in OSCE: Post text analyses and scores reporting 
  • Describe what’s next in OSCE.

Intended for

Our OSCE Masterclass has been a specially designed hands-on workshop for health professions educators who want to acquire a thorough grounding in the theory, design, delivery and quality assurance of OSCEs (Objective Structured Clinical Examinations). It is relevant to undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

This program is being organised by the Skills Lab & Simulation Lab, AVMC 

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Session plan

This Masterclass is an intensive course delivered over one day. The design of the Masterclass follows a timeline of the ‘lifecycle’ of an OSCE, with modules in each section focusing on particular aspects of each stage. Planning an OSCE, Delivering the OSCE and after the OSCE.

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