Empathetically Approaching Gender-Based Violence

Workshop on “Empathetically Approaching Gender-Based Violence” for students

In Joint collaboration with the Women Empowerment Cell and the Internal Complaints Committee of AVMC, the students of the Asian Medical student Association, India of AVMC organized a workshop on the topic “ Empathetically Approaching Gender-Based Violence” and improving the current standards of care for domestic violence on 04.05.2022 at Ganesh Hall. This workshop was organized to create awareness on breaking the stigma against GBV victims and attain a better understanding of GBV and offer better standards of care.  The Programme was scheduled with the welcome address by Ms. Anudrita Banerjee III year MBBS, and opening remarks by Dr. P.F. Kotur Dean, AVMC who insisted on the male domination, gender discrimination, and negligence faced by transgender.   Introduction to WEC and ICC by Dr. Pushpa Kotur, President of WEC narrated the insecurity of females in public and workplaces and gave an introduction about the Rotaract Club.  Ms. Adrika and Ms. Suchismita were the hosts of the workshop.  Dr. James Rajesh Head of Forensic Medicine, and Ms. Rama student counselor, discussed the cases of Gender-Based violence.  They spoke about the problems faced by transgender in day-to-day life in public and also in hospitals when they come for treatments.  Dr. James Rajesh discussed the violence faced by females on dowry, honor killing, and so on.  As a part of the workshop, group activities like Pictionary, Tale of Unspoken, group discussions, and Role Play were organized for the students.  In these activities, the group members actively cooperated together to participate by drawing the events and identifying the phrase, taking the role of the victim and solver of the issues, and playing the role of the displayed visual. Visual displays were telecasted based on the topic and discussions were done. Mr. Abhijeet III year MBBS gave the vote of thanks to the dignitaries.  Around 150 MBBS I year students and 30 II and III year students participated in the workshop.