Virtual Reality / augmented Reality Lab

In the current Digital era this technology available in the lab can definitely improve the knowledge/ skills of Undergraduates and Postgraduates students. This is the first of its kind amongst Medical Institutions in Puducherry. The ‘’Virtual Reality Lab” functioning with following Vision, Mission and Objectives


To create a virtual reality for the acquirement of the medical competencies in all the domains viz. Knowledge / Skill & attitude of medical profession


  • To develop contents of medical subjects through virtual reality technique
  • To sensitize the faculty & Students about the virtual reality benefits in medicine
  • To give the virtual reality experience to all students & faculty
  • To assess the expertise of the users
  • To modify the content as per the feedback from users.
Virtual Reality/augmented Reality Lab
Virtual Reality/augmented Reality Lab


The following are the major objectives:

  • Application of VR in medical education
  • Application of VR in medical skills
  • Application of VR in Healthcare.