The 34th Internal Meeting of Scientifique Society

The 34th internal meeting of the Scientifique Society of AVMCH convened on April 30, 2024, at Ganesan Hall, marking a significant gathering of faculties, PGs, and CRRI’s. Dr. S. Deepa initiated the proceedings with a warm welcome, Followed this, Dr. T. Vignesh provided a comprehensive overview of the previous meeting, highlighting key discussions and decisions. To infuse an element of interactive learning, Dr. Vignesh also conducted a stimulating Mediquiz, fostering participation and knowledge exchange among attendees.

In the scientific portion of the meeting, a variety of presentations highlighted the institution’s extensive research efforts. Dr. P. Athisankaran examined the impact of PM 2.5 on granuloma formation and latent tuberculosis reactivation, addressing critical public health issues. Subsequent presentations focused on unique medical cases such as Hallervorden Spatz disease and aggressive adenoid cystic carcinoma in the sinonasal tract. Dr. Prem Kumar discussed recent advancements in gut dysbiosis and faecal microbiota transplantation, demonstrating the society’s commitment to advancing medical knowledge. Dr. Kumar’s exceptional presentation was recognized with the best presentation award, emphasizing the high standard of scholarly discourse. Dr. Leena concluded the meeting with heartfelt appreciation.