Soft Skill Training – Students

A one-hour soft skill training on “Human Values” was conducted for the first-year students of MBBS between 10.00 am to 11.00 am on 11 June 2022


To guide the students to adhere to moral values during the learning period inside and outside the Institute and also throughout their life journey; consciously choose to prevent impulsive problematic behaviour and to improve right conduct.


Workshop mode activity-based teaching-learning module used.


Basic human values refer to those values which are at the core of being human. Truth, Honesty, Loyalty, Love, and Peace are considered basic inherent values because they bring out the fundamental goodness of human beings.


The eternal essences of being Human are Truth, Love, Peace, Right Conduct, and Non – Violence. The various sub-values each of these five types were guided to the students with practical examples to enable them to understand and anchor those values in their mind.

Individual Human Values

Each individual is unique and different and all need to follow the values followed in each religion. Culture may vary in each country and zone where people live but all the religion follows the various types of Human values for harmonious relationship in the society. Hence it is important for each Individual to value their family, friends, society, profession, and religion for self and societal development.

Most Important Human Values

Most of the current era youngsters are brought up with over pampering by parents and lack guidance to learn the importance of adhering to human values. The ten most important human values namely health and energy; love; gratitude; kindness and compassion; integrity; giving; growth; peace; happiness and family, friendship, and connections are reinforced in the minds of the students.

Relevance of Human Values

Values help us in (a) making proper decisions – beneficial for the society and organizations; (b) maintaining harmony – establishing harmonious relationships to promote love for mankind; (c) peace – necessary for the growth and development of society; (d) value-based leadership – to lead the society in the right direction. 

Structure of Human Values

The inter connected relations of human values among Self-transcendence (universalism & benevolence); Conservation (conformity, tradition & security); Self- enhancement (hedonism, achievement & power); Openness to change (stimulation & self -direction) indicate the importance of human values.


An individual’s behaviour and attitude at a specific place alone cannot define his/her core values. Because the interaction and expressions exhibited outside can hardly reveal his/her past sufferings, pain, loss, trauma or sufferings and that may also be a cause of his/her problematic behaviour in the present. In addition to the Institutional measures taken to address the problems caused by the students, it is also important to help them overcome their unhealed feelings and emotions. 


  • Aware of the importance of adhering to human values under any circumstance
  • Understanding various sub-values of core values
  • Interconnection between human values and social development along with self-development
  • Consciously choose healthy behaviour under challenging situations 
  • Empathise with others even if they do harm to self, forgive and move on


Overall feedback 18/25 indicates that the training objective was met.