Simulation Workshop

Next-Generation Medical Teaching Simulation Sensitization Workshop

On June 7th, 2024, the skill lab at AVMC was privileged to host some of the world’s most advanced simulators for Obstetric and ultrasound simulation from CAE, with a North American simulation company. The following simulators were demonstrated and faculties from various departments had a chance to utilise them. 

1. CAE LUCINA – This is a high-fidelity simulator built with the demonstration of Obstetric critical care scenarios. The department of OB/GYN had the opportunity to run scenarios and see its potential utility for team training in Obstetrics. The Dept of Medicine, anaesthesia, and Emergency Medicine ran through the features of this mannikin and how its potential dual purpose – serves OBGYN and critical care simulation training. 

2. CAE VIMADEX – This is a novel ultrasound solution that offers dynamic 3d anatomical correlation aside the usg image and is compatible with all modes of ultrasound. The departments of radiology, general surgery, general medicine, emergency medicine, and anaesthesia tried these simulators extensively and shared their valuable inputs. 

3. VR – the above simulators were complemented by a suite of VR-based skill modules and a separate library for orthopaedic procedures.

The faculty of the nursing college also took part in this demonstration and provided their input on the utility of these simulators.