national science day

National Science Day Celebration – Elocution Competition

The National Science Day celebration elocution competition was held at Srimathi Annapoorani Multi-Purpose Mini Auditorium on 21.02.2022 to facilitate students to communicate their quest for innovation and express productive ideas during the pandemic with their talent of stage speech.

The program started with a prayer song and Dr Pushpa Kotur, Convener, IIC welcomed the dignitaries with her address and flower bouquets. Dr P.F. Kotur Dean, AVMCH gave his open remarks. Dr Vishnu Bhat, Director, of medical research motivated the students about the importance of new innovations. Dr V.N. Mahalakshmi, Dean HPE, delineated the importance of converting Research into innovative knowledge. Dr Arun Daniel member of ICC introduced the Judges of elocution, Dr John Dinesh, Prof &HOD, Psychiatry, Dr Ilankathir, Prof. Anatomy, Dr Meganathan, Ass. Prof. Pharmacology to the audience. Among the total participants, 3 English and 5 Tamil speech entries were allowed to decorate the stage. The winners were announced and were awarded cash prizes of Rs. 1000/- Rs. 750/- and Rs. 500/- for both the languages separately.