Forefront of Future Frontiers – Episode 97

The Scientifique Society of AVMC organised the 97th episode of Forefront of Future Frontiers, A Medical Webinar Series 15 Trends in Medical Education on Topic: Putting Integration to Work – lessons from the Science of Learning narrated by Dr. Kadambri. D, Prof. of Surgery, JIPMER, Puducherry on 17 June 2022.  Dr. V.N. Mahalakshmi Dean HPE hosted the series, Dr. P.F. Kotur, Dean, AVMC welcome addressed the Chief Speaker to the audience.  Dr. B. Vishnu Bhat, Director, Medical Research, introduced the chief guest to the participants. Based on the topic, Dr. Kadambri.D expressed A day in the life of a doctor, Integrating Basic and Clinical Sciences in UGME Curriculum, Science of Learning, she explained what is Integration, why it is important, and so on.  She also explained Memory Integration, Scaffolding integration, the Role of the Teacher in Scaffolding Integration, Interleaving, Its benefits, Assessment strategies, and so on. The session ends up with explaining the question session. 278 participants participated in the session.