Offline Data Collection

Data Collection is an integral part of any higher education. Be it a research project or an academic student project data collection will be an initial and important phase. There might be situations where data needs to be collected offline and processed. When a student or faculty is a part of a survey in remote areas he or she needs to collect data offline and collate the data into useful reports. VMRF recommends two powerful and open source tools for students and faculty to use during their offline data collection.

Kobo Collect
This free and open-source toolkit for data collection and analysis will address all the requirements for offline data collection and analysis.

Epi Collect 5
This is another free data-gathering platform.
Procedure on how to use this tool

  • Visit the product’s URL and signup for an account. In case, if you want to use institute account contact Informatics Cell, AVMC.
  • Create and publish the necessary forms.
  • Download the data collect android app / ios app for kobo collect or epi collect.
  • Download the published forms and start data collection.
  • Upload the data to the server and proceed with analysis.

Video Tutorials

For further assistance contact Informatics Cell, AVMC.