Institutional Animal
Ethical Committee

Institutional animal ethical committee

Institutional Animal Ethical Committee (IAEC)

The Institutional Animal Ethical Committee for the year 2020-21 has been constituted with the following Members. Their tenure is for a period of one year. 

All experiments involving animals are approved by IAEC which is constituted by CPCSEA. The IAEC meetings are held regularly to obtain ethical clearance for use of animals in research. The facility maintains all relevant records to ensure compliance with the approvals granted by the committee, and progress under each approved protocol is put up for review by IAEC regularly in each meeting. IAEC advises the institution and teachers/researchers on facilities, practices and improvements in animal use and care.

S.No. Name of the IAEC Members Designation in IAEC
1 Dr. B.R. Asokan Biological Scientist, Chairperson
2 Dr. Leena Rajathy P. L.R Veterinarian, Member Secretary
3 Dr. S. Ravikumar Scientist from different discipline
4 Dr. P. Deepa Kameswari Scientist In-charge of Animal House Facility
5 Dr. K. Sethumadhavan Scientist from different biological discipline (Member Secretary)
6 Dr. D. Panneer Main Nominee
7 Dr. Rajaram. P Link Nominee
8 Dr.K.Vinothkumar Scientist from outside the Institute
9 Dr. Anbu Krishnamoorthy Socially Aware Nominee.