Guest lecture on MR imaging of the Hip and SI Joints

On April 6, 2024, the Radiology Department hosted an enlightening guest lecture from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm, featuring the esteemed Dr. Praveen Kumar Chinniah, a distinguished figure in the field of Radiology. Dr. Chinniah, who has an impressive research repertoire published in national and international journals and a history of delivering lectures across various organizations and universities, shared his expertise on MR imaging of hip and sacroiliac (SI) joints with the department’s postgraduate students and consultants.

The event saw a robust attendance of 45 individuals, comprising postgraduate students and consultants at various levels of their careers. Dr. Chinniah’s lecture was meticulously structured into two comprehensive sessions. The first session focused on the intricate anatomy of the hip joint, and its associated pathologies, and included an interactive case discussion. The subsequent session shifted the spotlight to the anatomy of the SI joint, emphasizing the nuances of interpretation.

Throughout the lecture, Dr. Chinniah demonstrated a commendable ability to elucidate complex concepts, ensuring that the participants clearly understood how to effectively plan, interpret, and report MRI cases involving the hip and SI joints. His approachable demeanour fostered an environment conducive to learning, where every query was met with kindness and clarity.

Participants found the guest lecture exceptionally interactive, with Dr Chinniah presenting numerous intriguing insights into case management strategies that were previously unfamiliar to many. These discussions are anticipated to benefit the attendees’ future professional endeavours.

As the session drew to a close, the attendees, comprising both staff and students, shared their positive feedback, reflecting on the substantial knowledge they had acquired. The event concluded on a note of gratitude, with special thanks extended to Dr. Prabu, the Head of the Department of Radiology, for his instrumental role in organizing this valuable educational experience. The department looks forward to integrating the insights gained from this lecture into their clinical practice, furthering their commitment to excellence in radiological services.