fff-epi 95

03 June:Forefront of Future Frontiers – Episode 95

The forefront of Future Frontiers a Medical Webinar Series 15 Episode 95 was organised by the Scientifique Society of AVMC on 03.06.2022 on the topic “EVIDENCE-BASED SIMULATION” resourced by Dr. Dinker Ramanada Pai, Prof. of Surgery and Director, Medical Simulation Centre, MGMCRI. He explained the components as Task training, Team Training, Process Testing, Faculty Training, Facilities developments, and its theories, Principles, Best Practices, Issues, Challenges, Effective Measures, Research in Medical Education, and so on.  He answered the queries raised by the participants and clarified their doubts.  Dr. Deepa Shanmugam was the host of the series.  Dr. B. Vishnu Bhat delivered his opening remarks and introduced the resource person to the participants.