FDP Workshop – Utilization of Simulation Lab

The workshop started at 9:15 am on 31.05.2022 with 12 departmental coordinators attending the workshop. The first lecture was taken by Dr.Dinkar Pai. He dealt with the basics of simulation-based health profession education and the need for implementing it into the core curriculum for undergraduates which the NMC has done and also for postgraduates. He also talked about the uses of simulation. The next session was taken by Dr.Gunaseelan. He talked about the NMC requirements for establishing a skills lab. He also discussed Peyton’s five-step model for teaching a skill. This was followed by a tea break. 

The next session was a group activity, where the departmental coordinators were divided into 4 groups. This session was facilitated by Dr. Gunaseelan and Dr. Shanmugavalli and moderated by Dr.Dinkar Pai. In this group activity, the departmental coordinators were asked to identify certifiable and non-certifiable skills for their particular department based on the NMC Core competencies guide. The Departmental coordinators identified the skills. Then they were asked to come up with a plan for implementing into their routine teaching schedule based on the skills lab timetable. This was followed by a presentation from the departmental coordinators. After this, there was a group photo session that concluded the workshop.