FDP Guest spoke on Question Bank Creation

17th February: FDP on Question Bank Creation & Validation for NEXT

Create and validate a Question Bank for the NEXT Faculty Development Program organized by the Medical Education Unit at Aarupadai Veedu Medical College & Hospital, VMRF Puducherry Campus on 17.02.2024. The validated Question Bank encompass problem/case-based MCQs and MCQs designed to target higher-order thinking skills (HOTs). Throughout the training program, participants will be equipped to:

  • Articulate the significance of a validated question bank for assessment.
  • Outline the process of validation and tagging.
  • Utilize item analysis as a tool to develop validated MCQs.
  • Formulate MCQs that specifically address higher-order thinking skills (HOTs).

Dr. Rakesh Sehgal, the Dean, delivered the Inaugural Address, elucidating the rationale behind the workshop. Dr. P.F. Kotur, the Provost of AVMC, delved into the purpose and validation of the question bank. Dr. A.K. Shanthi, Professor of Pediatrics, discussed the taxonomy, structure, and validation methods of the question bank. Dr. M. Gopinath, Professor and HOD of Physiology, presented on using item analysis for MCQ validation. Dr. M. Manju, Professor and HOD of Biochemistry, addressed the creation of MCQs targeting HOTs. Dr. A. Thumjaa, Professor of Pediatrics, and Dr. J. Arun Daniel, Professor of Community Medicine, also contribute to the discussion.