Eco-Friendly Campus

  1. Restricted entry of automobiles beyond the parking area inside the campus in order to prevent air and noise pollution, and encourage the use of Institutional Bi-cycles for internal mobilization.
  2. Our Institute is well recognized for Plastic-free Campus. We banned the reuse of plastics and plastic bags inside the campus.
  3. Pedestrian-friendly pathways with tree shadows.
  4. Landscaping with trees, plants, and Herbal Plants. AarupadaiVeedu Medical College & Hospital is situated on the Pondy – Cuddalore NH road 12 kilometres from the Pondicherry town. It is a sub-tropical terrain plain to pho land with a campus of 40.57 acres and it is corrected as one of the Green Educational Institutes in Pondicherry with Flora and Fauna diversity. The campus is now quite clean, green and has less pollution compared to the rest of the city. The campus is frequently visited by several nature enthusiasts to observe the Birds on the campus as well as adjacent to Bahour lake. Campus revealed a wide managing floral diversity. The plants belonging to sawed habits like epiphytes, climbers (4 nos), Grasses (Korean grass covers 7000 Sq.Mt; St.Augustian grass covers), Herbs (878 nos), Shrubs (7046 nos covers 2944 Sq,Mt), Tree saplings (120 nos) and Trees  (1021 nos covers 19449 Sq.Meter). The plants belonged to 49 different families and a total of 190 species of Flora on the campus. 
  5. All internal circulars in the Institute are sent through E-mails, in order to save papers and also all Departments are encouraged to reutilise the one side printed papers for printing various other material.
  6. Stressing all the staff to utilize water whatsoever quantity is utmost required only and also Minimizing the electricity consumption by making the practice of switching off light and fan whenever people leaves the room.
  7. Bio-medical wastes, Solid wastes, & E-wastes are collected in different color-coded bags as per schedule 1 in adherence to Biomedical Wastes (management & handling) rules 2018. Pondicherry solid waste management company Private Limited (PSMPL) is the authorized common biomedical solid waste management facility by the Pondicherry Pollution control committee.
  8. Daily the Garden workers will be engaged in removing debris, litter, and trash from the landscape & Garden area
  9. Encourage the application of organic fertilizer like top dressing of cow dung manure and good earth etc.,
  10. Effluent sewage water treatment was done on daily basis @ 500 KLD (5, 00,000litres capacity), and was utilized for watering the trees, plants, shrubs, grass etc.,
  11. Daily 22,000 litres of RO drinking water is produced using the Reverse Osmosis Plant on the campus with a storage capacity of 40,000 litres.
  12. Rainwater Harvesting is installed on our campus to raise the groundwater level naturally. 
  13. Our buildings are constructed in such a way to access natural sunlight and air circulation inside.