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Facilities for Teaching & Learning

We have an exclusive departmental library, museum, overhead projector, smart board, and good audio-visual aids for teaching purposes. We also have an air-conditioned demonstration hall with the latest AV aids and a smart board which can accommodate 25 students. We use the OSCE examination for the assessment of student activities.

Patient care activities


 The department of Psychiatry has played a vital role in addressing the mental health needs of the patients attending AVMCH for the past 20 years.

Unique features of patient care

  • Apart from pharmacological treatment, we have non-pharmacological treatment like electroconvulsive therapy, biofeedback, counselling sessions and psychotherapy for various disorders.
  • We also do neuropsychological assessment with psychometric tools.

Clinical problems treated:

  • Geriatric psychiatry:

Dementia, geriatric depression, disorders of memory, Parkinson’s disease, late onset psychosis, grief and other organic disorders.

  • Substance abuse disorders:

Alcohol and nicotine dependence syndrome, alcohol withdrawal syndrome, poly-substance abuse, and other mental and behavioural disorders related with substance abuse.

  • Psychotic Disorders:

Schizophrenia and its type, schizotypal and delusional disorders.

  • Mood Disorders:

Mania, depression, persistent mood, bipolar persistent mood disorder.

  • Neurotic disorders:

Anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobia, somatoform and dissociative disorder.

  • Behavioural syndromes:

Eating disorder, non-organic sleep disorder, sexual dysfunction.

  • Personality disorders:

Impulsive disorder, gender identity, specific personality disorders like borderline personality disorder, narcissistic personality disorder, paranoid, schizoid personality disorder.

  • Child psychiatry:

Intellectual and developmental disabilities, specific learning disability, autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, conduct disorder, pica, tic, stammering, enuresis, encopresis.

OPD Services

Our Psychiatry department is located on the 1st floor of C block (next to Seminar Hall). We offer OPD services from 8.30am to 4.30 pm from Monday to Friday, 8.30am to 1pm on Saturday.

Special clinics







2.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

Neuro Psychiatry Clinic 



2.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

Family counselling, Psycho Motor Clinic



2.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

Geriatric Clinic



2.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

Child Guidance Clinic



2.00 pm TO 4.30 pm

Memory Clinic

  • All days (Suicide Prevention and De-Addiction Clinic)

IP services

We have an exclusive 30-bedded ward treating psychiatric inpatients. We admit patients for deaddiction in Raksha deaddiction ward. We have a library for inpatients and indoor games for long-term patients. We also have yoga sessions for patients as a part of rehabilitation services. We offer group psychotherapy and conduct regular psychoeducation and Alcoholic Anonymous meetings.

Emergency services provided 24hrs function

We provide emergency services 24×7 for psychiatric emergencies like patients with suicidal attempts, severe alcohol withdrawal symptoms, acutely violent patients and acute drug induced side effects.

Patient welfare activities

  • We have an exclusive inpatient library as a part of patient care wherein we have a total of 50 motivational books for the benefit of patients and caregivers during their hospital stay.

Award and Recognition for Patient and Caregivers (Patient care) -We give awards to the patients who have recovered from substance dependence.