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Student support Activities

Quiz programmes, student symposiums, continuing medical education programmes, and guest lectures are conducted to update the knowledge of the students. We conduct remedial classes for slow learners to improve their understanding and performance in the subject. Revision classes are conducted before the university exams to highlight the important topics for the benefit of the students.


We stimulate the creativeness of the students by conducting competitions on the poster and oral presentations. During the second MBBS year, we cover (i) bedside manners (role-play followed by debriefing), (ii) communication skills (with patients, other doctors and paramedical staff), (iii) coping skills, and (iv) ethical dilemmas (discussions based on case studies).

Special cases are prepared to depict common ethical dilemmas, with the aim of making the students aware of basic ethical principles such as autonomy, beneficence, justice and non-malfeasance.


The faculty of the department guide students to take up various research activities, including animal research.


Mentor—mentee programme is conducted regularly for the students for their academic and emotional support.

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
S.No Name   of activities   Type of activities   Level of the program (National/International) Date  Number of participants  Credit points   
1 Recent trend in the management of Diabetes Mellitus CME National 22-01-2010 268
2 Newer Anti Diabetic Drugs in Indian Scenario CME National 07-12-2013 254
3 Drug induced liver injury CME National 18.7.2018 230
4 Clinical trials in research- students point of view CME National 28.01.2021 222
5 Pharmacovigilance week celebration Awareness programme Institutional 23.9.2021 96

We meet the community and organize health education programmes, health check up camps, and health awareness programmes along with NGOs such as Rotary club, Puducherry.