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Student support Activities

We conduct regular student seminars, quizzes, problem based learning, internal assessments, tutorials, role play, drawing competition and make students participate enthusiastically.


We conduct value added courses and regular brain storming exercises like quiz and problem-based exercises.


Students are motivated to participate in inter-college and intra-college, state level and national level sports, quizzes and cultural activities.


Our department encourages students to indulge in research activities like ICMR-STS projects and seed money projects. We make sure that the students get updated and understand the importance of research in the field of medicine.

Well- being, etc.

We conduct programmes regularly, like mentor—mentee, orientation, and career guidance,  and students are guided to enhance their potential in academics as well as in their professional career.

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
S.No Name  of activities Type of activities Level of program (National/International) Date Number of participants Credit points
1 Hemophilia CME State 17.04.2017 201
2 Update in Prostate Pathology CME State 26.04.18 159
3 Laboratory  Hematology CME State 22.09.18 192
4 What is new in hematology in special reference to bone marrow transplantation Guest lecture  State 20.03.19 192
5 Neoplasia in crux  Guest lecture  State 02.06.2020 100
6 RBC disorders  Guest lecture  State 07.07.2020 169
ACTIVITIES in 2021-2022:
  • Guest Lecture “ Hematology A Quick Review “ on 03.11.2022.
  • New Instruments inauguration Function inaugurated, Histopathology grossing station, Tissue embedding station and Audio visual Aids in the Practical Hall on 9.08.2022.
  • World Blood Donation week (October 1st week) on 26.09.2022 Drawing Competition for Blood Do DEPARTMENT OF PATHOLOGY IN ASSOCIATION WITH RED RIBBON CLUB

We take part in cervical screening camps and in-house voluntary blood donation camps.

Regular cervical screening and breast cancer awareness camps are conducted with protocol-based diagnosis and reporting.