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Department of Otorhinolaryngology at AVMC focuses on the overall development of the student. The academics strictly comply with the latest competency-based medical education designed by the NMC. Students attend lectures, clinical postings with skill training and bedside clinics. They are assessed with written, oral and practical exams in the form of OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination). Even in the wake of pandemics, these were designed in the form of Google forms and online platforms for the benefit of students. Students are divided into small groups and are monitored and trained by well-experienced faculty and modern resources.


The student support activities are also augmented with brainstorming sessions like quizzes, paper writing, poster competitions, debates, and students are involved in various CMEs and events organized by the department.


Apart from curricular activities, students also actively participate in extracurricular events in the form of Annual Day cultural events- celebrations that bring out their all-around personality and recognise their capabilities. The events include singing, dancing, drama, stage shows and many more.


 Importance is also given to sports, with various events like cricket, football, badminton, tennis etc. Infrastructure includes well-maintained courts and grounds and indoor courts for various indoor games and activities. Students are allowed to participate in inter and intra college sports and cultural events.


Research is given utmost importance as it builds not only the student’s knowledge but makes a great impact on the science of medicine. Each student is guided to publish research works with the help of eminent faculty. They are guided from the very basic steps in the form of orientation programs to sensitize them and further along the way, till the publication of their articles in reputed medical journals. Our various students have published studies collaborating with ICMR and other research organizations.

Well-being, etc.

After all, completeness lies in preserving well being. Students are each allotted a mentor who would take care of and help them psychologically and academically during the whole course.

There are special general counselling sessions, yoga classes, meditation classes to harness the well being of the student. The overall development of each student is kept in mind, not only to becoming a good doctor but also to being an asset to society.

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized


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Temporal Bone Dissection Demonstration Workshop







“Covid and Creativity‟

Cisco Webex platform







The department also takes part in dedicated extension activities organized, like on-site and offsite camps. Camps are organized at outreach centres like PHCs to get specialist level care, for early diagnosis and treatment, and if needed refer them to the main hospital for surgeries and procedures. The medicines and surgeries and done free of cost for the camp referred patients, taking their financial constraints into account. Camps are also organized with NGOs and relief camps in times of disaster/natural calamities/epidemics, for which the department has a dedicated team to reach patients with full support.


The department also actively organizes awareness programmes to reach the society and public. The department hosts various programmes with posters and demonstrations with the help of undergraduate and postgraduate students. Various national and international guests are invited to share their views, and ideas, which are compiled, for the benefit of the public as well, to create awareness. World Head and Neck Cancer Day, World Hearing Day are a few examples, where the events collaborate with allied departments like the school of audiology and speech when free hearing aids are distributed and check-ups performed.