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Student support Activities

The department gives importance to teaching-learning activities whereby students are trained by problem-based learning, self-directed learning and discussed in a small group teaching. Demonstration of clinical skills and skill training progress are planed adequately & effectively for students. Student symposiums are planned to enhance their learning experience. Formative assessments are conducted regularly and feedback is given to the students. Mentor—mentee sessions are arranged to address the student’s curricular aspect and their wellbeing. Advance learners and slow learners are identified and the former are encouraged to attend conferences and paper presentations and quiz programmes at inter-college, state and national levels. Special classes are taken for slow learners.

Co- Curricular:

Students are motivated to participate in quiz competitions at other colleges and to present papers and posters at various conferences.


Students are encouraged to participate in inter-batch, inter-college sports and cultural events.


Students are guided to take short research topics and paper presentations.

The well-being of students:

Students is made aware of the consequences of digital eye strain and the preventive measures that can be adopted for their eye health. Good visual hygiene practices are also taught.

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
S.No Name of activities   Type of activities Level of the program (National/International) Date Number of participants Credit points
1 CME Pediatric Ophthalmology Institute 11.08.2017 212  
2 CME Eye Donation Institute 08.09.2018 250  
3 Guest lecture Eye donation awareness Institute 22.10.2019 232  
4 CME “Eye Donation – Overview” Institute 07.09.2020 210  
5 CME Cardiac, Renal and Ocular Complications of Diabetes Institute 17.12.2020 240 1
6. CME “Eye Donation – Awareness” Institute 09.09.2021 170 1
7. Guest lecture Gift a Sight- Eye Donation Awareness Institute 08.09.2022 81 1
8.  The 38th Eye Donation Fortnight  celebration program “Eye donation Awareness -Light up a life, donate your eyes” Institute 07.09.23 140 1

The department helps diagnose and treat ocular disease while conducting school screenings. Screening of the general population for cataracts and diabetic retinopathy is also done. Besides these, an annual screening of children with special needs is done.


Eye donation awareness, glaucoma awareness, diabetic retinopathy awareness programmes are periodically conducted.