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Student support Activities
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CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
S.NoName of activitiesType of activitiesLevel of program (National/International)DateNumber of participantsCredit points
1Cme on thyrotoxicosis & carcinoma thyroidCMEInstitutional18-06-2016151
2Carcinoma BreastCMEInstitutional04-10-2016121
3Recent Advances in Carcinoma BreastCMEInstitutional15-10-2016181
4World cancer dayAWARENESS PROGRAMInstitutional11-05-201719
5Head Injury – An InteractionCMEInstitutional10-03-2017161
6A Digital cme on management of mesh infection in endohernia surgeryCMEInstitutional


7Workshop on various sutures and suturing techniquesWorkshopInstitutional12.8.1718
8State level workshop on Recent advances in diagnostics & interventions in gastroenterology  WorkshopInstitutional15.9.17131
9Cancer BreastCMEInstitutional07-11-2017141
10Carcinoma of breast – yesterday,today& tomorrowCMEInstitutional08.12.17151
11Peptic UlcerCMEInstitutional21-12-2017181
12Choice Of Valves In 2018CMEInstitutional06-01-2018131
13World Cancer Awareness ProgrammeAwareness ProgrammeInstitutional05-02-201812
14Head Injury & Importance Of Wearing Helmet To Medical StudentsCMEInstitutional15.3.18191
15Various Suturing Techniques And Basic Surgical SkillsWorkshopInstitutional18.7.1818
16Heart – Lung Transplantation” An UpdateCMEInstitutional6-12-201814
17Recent Advances In Hepatobiliary Disease And Liver TransplantationCMEInstitutional23-01-201917
18Screening Of Breast Cancer And Cancer CervixCMEInstitutional8-03-201919
19Recent Advances in Surgical GastroenterologyCMEInstitutional22-4-201916
20No Tobacco Day AwarenessAwareness programmeInstitutional28-06-201912
21Various Suturing Techniques And Basic Surgical SkillsWorkshopInstitutional14-8-201914
22Who is plastic surgeonCMEInstitutional29-8-201915
23Organ donation campAwareness programmeInstitutional3-9-201916
24Public awareness program on carcinoma breastAwareness programmeInstitutional14-10-201917
25Free Hernia campAwareness programmeInstitutional16-10-201913

 Awareness Programmes on head injury, cancer breast, cancer, thyroid disorders, oral cancer.