Department Of
General Medicine

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
  • Acute Kidney Injury” Dr Narayanan, MD, DM, – August 2010
  • Recent Advancements In Management Of Chronic Kidney Disease” – Dr Kumar MD, DM, – June 2011 
  • Recent Advances In Management Of Stroke” Dr Uma Devi, MD, – November 2011 
  • Epilepsy And Its Management” Dr Thangaraj, MD, DM, – July 2012 
  • Mind Your Heart” – Dr V. Chokkalingam, MD, DM, o2/3/2012 
  • Newer Anti-Diabetic Therapy In The Indian Scenario” Dr Ragunath, MD.   April 2013. 
  • Recent Advances In Anti-Hypertensive Therapy” in – Dr Prabhu Shankar, MD., August 2013 
  • “Complications of Diabetes Mellitus” conducted by General Medicine On10.12.2015 Dr Murugasen M.D (Neuro), Dr Elangovan M.D (Cardio), Dr Josephine Christy MS(Ophthal).
  • “An update on Heart and kidney disease” conducted General Medicine – 18/10/16 Prof. Dr P.Manokar, MD., DM(Cardio).
  • “Platelet Disorder” Conducted jointly with the Physiology department – 15/12/16 Dr Ashish Kumar M.D (Haemotology) 
  • Dept of Medicine on the occasion of “World Diabetes day and 100 years of Insulin Discovery” DIABETICS AWARENESS WEEK – 2021 from 9 to 13 Nov 2021 program consists of Quiz & Posts Competitions, UG, PG Diabetic Awareness Camp and CME (Exploring Newer Visitors in Diabetics Mellitus)
  • “OBESITY AND RENAL DISEASES” conducted General Medicine & Nephrology division – 8/3/17 Dr Sivasankar M.D (Nephro)
  • “HEART – LUNG TRANSPLANTATION” AN UPDATE  06-12-2018  AVMC-Pondy Conducted by Department of General Medicine & General Surgery Dr T.SUNDER[MS (Gen) FRCS (Eng) FRCS (Cardiothoracic) FCCP (USA) FIMSA], Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic & Heart-Lung Transplantation Surgeon, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai 
  • “RECENT ADVANCES IN HEPATOBILIARY DISEASE AND LIVER TRANSPLANTATION” 23-01-2019 AVMC-Pondy Conducted by Department of General Medicine & General Surgery Dr ANAND RAMAMURTHY. M.S., DNB., Professor, Department of General Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai
  • CME on “WHAT IS NEW IN HAEMATOLOGY WITH SPECIAL REFERENCE TO BONE MARROW TRANSPLANTATION” Conducted by Department of General Medicine and Pathology Date: 20-03-2019 Guest SpeakerDr.REVATHI RAJ, DCH, PLB, MRCP, FRCPath, Consultant Pediatric Haematologist, Apollo Hospitals, Chennai. 
  • CME on“Challenging Cases of Fever in an Advanced Fever Clinic” Conducted by Department of General Medicine Date: 26-06-2019 The occasion was graced by the presence of our Honourable Madam Chancellor Dr Anuradha Ganesan. the Guest Speaker Padmashree, B.C.Roy Awardee Professor Dr T.V. Devarajan, M.D., FRCP., DSc., FICP., Apollo Hospitals, Chennai.
  • CME on “New Philosophy in Knee Replacement – Kinematically Aligned Knee” Conducted by Department of Orthopaedics Date: 03-10-2019 the guest speaker. Dr T.V. Devarajan. B.Sc., M.D., FRCP (Glasgow), FCIP, FACM, FCCP (USA) Emeritus Professor, Department of General Medicine, AVMC & H, Puducherry
  • A CME was organized by Padma Shree. Dr T.V. Devarajan, Emeritus Professor, & Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology on 11th December 2019 on “Changing Scenario in Fertility Management” by Dr Rajini Rajendra Kumar, MBBS., DGO., Infertility Specialist, IVF Consultant, Billroth Hospital, Chennai
  • A CME on “Cardiac, Renal and Ocular complications of diabetes” was conducted by the departments of general medicine and Ophthalmology on 17th December 2020 from .00 am to 1.00 pm through Cisco online platform. The guest speakers were
  1. Dr A. Sathish Kumar, Interventional Cardiologist, SRM Medical College, Trichy
  2. Dr J. Rajesh, consultant, Nephrologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College, Perambalur.
  3. Dr Manavi.D.Sindal, Head, clinical Retina and Training, Aravind Eye Hospital and Postgraduate Institute of Ophthalmology, Pondicherry.
  • Dr Senthil Kumar, TAPICON- Salem- 2014. Yellow Phosphorous poisoning with coagulopathy
  • Dr Niloy Gan Chaudhuri TAPICON- Salem – 2014. What a pain in the neck – A case of Guinea worm Infestation
  • Dr Prakash, PACE – 2013. Intracerebral cryptococcoma with Menninitis in a Non-HIV Elderly Individual
  • Dr V. Prakash, AIM – 2013. Hyperglycaemia presenting as Hemi chorea Hemiballismus syndrome
  • Dr Farish, Pace – 2013. Type 3 Hypersensitivity in Transfuluthrin Poisoning
  • Dr K. Balakumar, TAPICON- 2013. Paget’s disease with TIA
  • Dr Marvin Soman Pace – 2013. “Cortical Venous Thrombosis”
  • Dr Marvin Soman, AIM – 2013 – Chennai. “Nocardiosis in SLE Patient”
  • Dr S.Vithiavathi- Cardiorhythm:2011. “Prevalence of Microalbuminuria in Non-diabetics and Hypertensives”
  • Dr A. Sharma, Dr S. Vithivathi, Dr Mylsamy, Dr.T. Srikanth, Dr Suresh Ramana, Dr Bolmall, Dr.V. Baliga- Atherosclerosis Supplement 2009. “On efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of a Fixed-Dose Combination of Telmisartan + Atorvastatin in Adult Indian Patients with Hypertension and Dyslipidemia”