Department Of Forensic
Medicine & Toxicology

Student support Activities
Curricular activities:

Department of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology imparts quality training in the subject by various means such as the following:

  1. We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Government Indira Gandhi Medical College & Hospital (IGMCH), Puducherry, for permitting our students to witness & get trained hands-on, in autopsy techniques.
  2. We encourage students to present at seminars on a regular basis.
  3. We conduct intra-college quiz to encourage students
  4. We pay special attention to slow learners by having a close watch on their academic improvements, followed by regular weekly test.
  5. We encourage students to undergo interdepartmental discussions through linker case models.

Co-curricular activities:

  1. Students are encouraged to participate in academic events/ students conference conducted within the institute and also by external bodies/organizations.
  2. We encourage students to participate in the national / state level Forensic conferences and present papers.
  3. We encourage students to participate in the national / state level quiz competitions.

Extra-curricular activities:

Students are encouraged to participate in cultural programmes and competitions conducted within and outside the institute.


We encourage students to participate in sports events and competitions.


Faculty of Forensic Medicine & Toxicology is actively involved in research activities. They publish regularly in national and international journals. Our faculty also guide the students to carry out various funded (ICMR -STS) and non-funded projects. They also help students to publish their research work and encourage them to present their scientific work in conferences and seminars.


The faculty of the Department are easily approachable and student-friendly and they offer counselling services for the students whenever required, especially for stressed out, mentally broke, and slow learner students.

The department also provides a special value-added course to UG students for their well being called “Moral Narration”.

CME Programmes / Guest Lectures / Conferences / Seminars / Workshop Organized
S.No Name  of activities   Type of activities   Level of program (National/International) Date  Number of participants  Credit points   
1 Role of DNA in Forensic Medicine CME National 11-03-2015 120 1
2 Sexual Jurisprudence – An Update CME National 4-10-2016 110 1
  1. Basics of Addiction
  2. Unfolding the mysteries behind Substance Use.
  3. Legal and Social issues on Drug Addiction
CME National 22-06-2017 140 1
4 Safe Medical Practice CME National 26-03-2018 156 1
5 1. Doctors and Criminal Law. 2.Changing Trends in Medical Practice CME National 05-10-2018 120 0
6 Solving the mystery in case of Immersion Deaths Webinar National 12.8.20 145 0
7 Medicine and Law  – Transgender Issues Webinar National 23.9.20 110 0

We have signed an MOU with IGMC, Puducherry, through which our students are given hands-on training in basic autopsy techniques.


The department is planning to conduct awareness programmes for the general public and specific targeted population on

  1. Techniques to prevent common household poisoning among children, 
  2. Awareness of domestic violence
  3. Awareness of ill effects due to chronic exposure to dyes and other specific poisons