Department Of
community medicine

Facilities for Teaching & Learning

  • Public health Museum: Models of public importance are displayed and posters depicting scientists who have made significant contributions towards advances in public health are exhibited.
  • Departmental library: Library has an adequate collection of books and journals which are being utilized by the postgraduates and faculty.
  • Demonstration rooms: Two spacious demonstration rooms where teaching programmes and practical classes for undergraduates and postgraduates are conducted.
  • Public health laboratory: Public heath procedures like water analysis are conducted and undergraduate and postgraduate classes are held.
  • Research laboratory:  The laboratory is equipped with a computer and instruments of public health importance and is well utilized by the faculty and postgraduates. 
  • Community-based medical education:  The department of community medicine has developed a very good setting for imparting community-based education to its students through village health surveys, family health studies, diet surveys, visits to various centres (anganwadi, sub-center, PHC, CHC), industrial visits to places of public health importance (Ponlait, Sewage Treatment Plant, Water distribution system) and National Health Programme offices like RNTCP, NACO,NVBDCP etc. 
  • Rural Health Training Centre and Urban Health Training Centre: Training of   undergraduate and postgraduate students  trained in community–oriented primary health care and rural-based health education for the rural community attached to it.                                                                                                                           
  • Facilities for online teaching with a portable Wi-Fi dongle are available for the online theory and practical classes for undergraduates and postgraduates.


Year UG
2015-16 95%
2016-17 86%
2017-18 97%
2018-19 93%
2019-20 90%
2020-21 96%


Health camps and community awareness programmes are conducted for the public on National Health Days in the field practice areas of the community medicine department.

Urban Health Training Centre:

Urban Health Training Centre (UHTC) is located at Ariankuppam, 9 km. away from AVMC covering a population of 10,168. Our centre provides free outpatient service and free drug distribution. Regular health checkups and health education camps are also conducted by the department. Patients needing inpatient care are brought to AVMCH. Weekly speciality clinics are organized where specialists from the clinical departments, like dental (Monday), paediatrics (Wednesday), obstetrics and gynaecology(Thursday), provide consultation.

Rural Health Training Centre:

Rural Health Training Centre caters to a population of 18597, situated at Chinnakanganakuppam. The service provided includes outpatient care and 24 hours inpatient care with delivery facilities. Weekly speciality clinics are organized where specialists from the clinical departments, like dental (Thursday), paediatrics(Wednesday) , obstetrics and gynaecology (Tuesday), provide consultation. The centre has also implemented the various national health programmes in this area. The undergraduates, interns and postgraduate students together with an assistant professor, health inspector, staff nurse, ANM provide comprehensive health care to the community in the field practice areas. Patients who requires tertiary care are referred to AVMCH.