Community Outreach National Road Safety Month

The National Road Safety Month, organized by Skill Lab, AVMCH, VMRF Puducherry campus aimed to create awareness about road safety, promote responsible behaviour among road users, and reduce road accidents. The month-long campaign, held on 27th January 2024, saw active participation from various segments of the community.

The primary goal is to heighten awareness of the importance of road safety. Our objective is to educate the public on adhering to safe road practices and regulations. A key emphasis is placed on reducing road accidents and fatalities through increased awareness. We aim to promote responsible behaviour among drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

A comprehensive series of awareness campaigns were executed, incorporating posters, banners, miming, first aid awareness, raised slogans and digital content to underscore key road safety messages. Additionally, educational materials were distributed to the public to effectively disseminate crucial information.